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Flavour First

It all began in Dalston in 2012 when a club chose not to serve branded cola. Tired of refusing customers who just wanted a darn drink, Duncan and Steve set about making their own natural, alternative cola. As chefs, their experience of flavours led them to begin blending, infusing and mashing the first Dalston's Cola by hand in their kitchens.


Pedalling Soda

Duncan set up the first brewyard in the heart of East London, sourcing ingredients from local markets. The drinks were all handmade and delivered by bike to London’s coffee shops and restaurants.



Turns out that satisfying Londoners’ growing thirst for kick-ass soda is hard work. We outgrew our first brew yard – waved goodbye – and moved to a larger space in Mile End. We now operate out of a railway arch, making drinks daily, ready to be bottled, canned and enjoyed by you lot.