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Free shipping when you spend over £50

Frequently Asked Questions

What on earth is a seltzer?

Seltzer means sparkling water and originates from the name of a German spa town, Niederselters, whose naturally carbonated mineral waters were bottled and exported around the world as early as 1787. Seltzer has been widely adopted in the USA and is starting to become known worldwide as a healthier fizzy drinks substitute for the mainstream sugar-laden pop.

What is a Hard Seltzer?

Hailing originally from LA pool parties, Hard seltzers are a low calorie, low / no added sugar alternative to beer, wine or cider. Fruit flavoured sparkling water is blended with a hit of triple distilled vodka. Dalston’s have taken direction from their existing fan base who enjoy mixing their range of seltzers with premium spirits at home.

What’s the difference between a Soft Seltzer and a Hard Seltzer?

Our soft Seltzers are made with real squeezed fruit and contain no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. No Nasties, nothing weird.
Hard Seltzers are the same as our soft seltzers, only with a triple distilled spirit base added to make a delicious 4% alcoholic drink.

What’s a botanical seltzer?

We developed our Rhubarb alcohol free G&T in response to the increasing consumer demand for a sophisticated craft adult soft drinks with flavours that are similar to their alcoholic cousins but without the stinking hangover. There’s no booze in our G&Ts, but they’re made to taste like the real deal! To ensure that ‘gin’ flavour we use a blend of distilled botanicals including juniper, coriander seed and lemon balm. 50 calories per can and you won’t find any artificial sweeteners or nasties in our cans.

Where can I buy your drinks?

You can buy direct from us online or check out our Amazon brand store

To find Dalston’s in a store near you, check out our stockist map. You can also spot our drinks in top independent retailers and top restaurants, pubs and bars nationwide. Please keep in mind that not all sites will stock our entire range. You can buy all our flavours online via our webshop and on Amazon.

What happened to your sodas?

To increase our commitment to our founding values of ‘real’ and ‘no junk’, whilst eliminating any confusion with our consumers, we have decided to merge our two soft ranges into one.

We’ve removed all added refined sugar from our sodas to make sure we’re developing the healthiest and tastiest fizzy drinks that keep up with our consumer demands. And most importantly stayed well away from artificial sweeteners. These Real Fruit Seltzers now deliver the same great taste ( just a little lighter) at a permissible sub 50 calories per can level.

You can have your fizz and drink it after all! We hope you love them as much as we do.

How do you sweeten your drinks if you don’t use added sugar or artificial sweeteners?

Why does it say sugar on the nutritional table?

The only sugar you will find in our soft and hard seltzers is naturally occurring from the real fruit juice.