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Free shipping when you spend over £50


Dalston’s was setup in an East London nightclub by Duncan O’Brien in 2012.


Formerly a chef on the Orient Express, he began blending , mashing and infusing the first drinks by hand using ingredients sourced from local markets.


We outgrew our first brew-yard, waved goodbye, and moved to a larger space in 2016. In 2016 Duncan called in a little help from our co-founder, Dan Broughton and industry turned pro investor Giles Brook in order to take on the big drinks biz head on. The business started accelerating and thanks to a brand refresh and some awesome new flavours – our sodas went pop!


Staying true to our roots, the soda making process and the integrity of the liquids we use, all of our recipes are developed in-house by Duncan for people to enjoy. A recipe man at heart, Duncan has been specialising in reducing sugar from our liquids, whilst maintaining complexity of flavour and in 2019 we launched our no refined sugar range of sodas, providing a hit in stead of a hing of flavour without piling on the calories.