Based in the heart of Herefordshire countryside, Pixley Berries are passionate about creating juices with real flavour. They live for the taste, flavour, aroma and colour derived from the fruits they squeeze to deliver a supreme quality. Their background in horticulture gives them an in depth understanding of the supply chain, and they work with specially selected growers throughout the country to ensure they receive the best quality they possibly can.

Every Blackcurrant which goes into Dalston’s sodas has been expertly grown on the Pixley farm to full maturity in the open Herefordshire sunshine, by Rocky Smith, before being approved by their quality queen, Mary Haddock.

We and Pixley are increasingly conscious of the need to grow plants which reduce the need for direct pesticides and judicious fertiliser, so they encourage Beneficial’s, these are Bees, Bugs, Ants, Birds and other populations that have been in recent decline. They do this by creating an ecology in which they thrive, undisturbed headlands, reservoirs and ancient woodlands. They utilise their technology, range of processes within their juice factory, to gently squeeze the fruit capturing a fruit rich, top notch juice. For the Joy of Juice!

Pixley berries dalston's soda


Based on a 200-acre award winning Organic farm in the heart of Herefordshire, Blue Sky Botanics produces authentic botanical extracts and distillates. They are the leading producer of wild & cultivated elderflower extracts in Europe and are supporting us with a range of delicious botanical extracts & infusions.

Castle Farm, where they are based, provides an outstanding habitat for a wealth of plant and animal life, and has been nationally recognised for its success in combining commercial farming with environmental practices that support a rich and diverse ecosystem.

They are also founder members of the Union for Ethical Biotrade whose principles flow throughout their sourcing practices. Their strong social, environmental & ethical values extend throughout their business – from production techniques in their BRC AA factory to our relationships with staff and customers. For example, they only use green chemistry in extraction processes, no harsh solvents & dangerous chemicals – just traditional gentle methods, many of which use only water or steam.

The Blue Sky creative Development team includes experienced chefs who are able to combine their culinary & botanical expertise. Drawing on their knowledge of food history, current trends & science they can help inspire & create amazing flavour combinations and most importantly…. some Botanical Magic!

Bleu sky botanics dalston's soda