Our most popular questions and their answers.


How do you sweeten your sodas?

We are extremely conscious about the levels of sugar and what type of sugars we use in our drinks. All our liquids are made with a range of 20-99 calories of real fruit and cane or beet sugar (no-added sugar in our Seltzer range) and distilled botanicals (natural flavourings) Nothing weird and no junk!

What is malic acid? 

Malic acid is the main acid naturally occurring  in many fruits - it’s what gives them ‘tartness’, the name comes from the Latin for apple - apples contain a lot of malic acid.

What are Natural Flavourings? 

The Natural flavourings we use are typically referred to as ‘top notes’ or ‘aromas’. They are the most volatile parts of plants which give off their distinctive character (think of the smell of strawberries for example). These flavourings can be created artificially, but at Dalston’s we use only ones which have been sourced from natural plant material.

What are the Acidity Regulators that are on your ingredients list? 

We use potassium salts as acidity regulators to balance flavour in our lower-sugar drinks. Potassium is an essential mineral that aids our body’s water balance, supports muscle and metabolic activity.

Why don't you use Stevia or Aspartame to sweeten your drinks? 

Ultimately, we’re all about making lip-smackingly great tasting drinks by going back to basics and using real ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible – sweeteners have a slightly strange chemical taste in our opinion, which means we stay clear from adding these to our recipes and instead let the real ingredients speak for themselves.

Can I drink your drinks if I'm vegan? 

Yes crack ‘em open!  All the ingredients and botanicals we use in our drinks are plant based and vegan friendly.




What is a Seltzer?

Sparkling water with natural fruit for flavours. No added sugar. Low calorie. No artificial sweeteners.

What's the difference to your soda drinks? 

Our seltzers contain no-added sugar, and all fall under 40 calories – so great for those looking for a lighter alternative to our core sodas.




What are botanicals? 

Botanicals are otherwise commonly known as…. plants. Botanical liquids are made using non-alcoholic steam distillation, botanical bio-mass (plants...) are put in a biomass flask and boiling water is evaporated through them (as... steam). Volatiles (volatile e.g. tasty molecules) are picked up by the steam and transported in the steam which is then condensed and collected.

This is what we have done with juniper, coriander seeds and lemon balm to flavour our G&T’s. 

What's Quinine? 

Quinine is an ingredient that comes from the bark of the cinchona tree and you will find it in tonic waters. It is the ingredient that gives tonic water that bitter taste. We also use quinine flavouring in our alcohol-free G&Ts to replicate that of a REAL G&T. Not recommended for those who are pregnant.