Like many good love stories, our fizzy fling began in a nightclub.

Our chef founder, Duncan, was a sucker for a soft drink, but not such a fan of the soft drinks industry. The pollution, the sugar, the sweeteners, the long list of artificial ingredients… you get the gist.

So he put his chef hat on and started to brew something better in the kitchen of a community run nightclub in Dalston, East London. Healthier, but just as tasty - Dalston’s Soda was born.

Soda with Soul

A world of healthier, more sustainable sips. 


    The best quality fruit, real ingredients, low calories, no added sugar and short ingredients labels.


    Real drinks crafted by chefs. Every Dalston’s flavour is (and will always be) tried, tested and obsessed over until it’s just right.


    From being carbon neutral, to our farm-friendly supply chain, to choosing cans over plastic, we respect the planet we all call home.

What a ride

Where it all began

Started by chefs in the community-run Passing Clouds nightclub in Dalston, East London

Bubbly baby steps

Our first ever Dalston’s brewhouse.

Dalston's V1

Our tiny team originally hand bottled every single Dalston’s drink

Real fruit always

It’s always been about real ingredients at Dalston’s. Originally sourced from East London markets

To the farm

We’ve outgrown local markets and now source from farms. This is our Elderflower being hand picked in Ross-on-Wye.

Doing the can can

We made the move from glass bottles to more sustainable recyclable aluminium cans.

Every 6 seconds

Somewhat mind blowing - someone now drinks a can of Dalston’s every 6 seconds!

9000 and growing

You can now get Dalston’s in over 9000 cafes, restaurants, pubs and grocery stores across the UK.