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Not all sodas are Made equal

Our mission here at Dalston’s is to bring you better sodas. We've gone back to basics by putting real ingredients back at the heart of soft drinks. Our drinks contain nothing artificial, less sugar than mainstream brands and deliver that authentic, fruity taste that a real soft drink should supply.


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Dalston’s was set up in an East London nightclub by a group of friends in 2012.  Formerly a chef on the Orient Express, founder Duncan O'Brien began blending, mashing and infusing the first drinks completely by hand using ingredients sourced from local markets.

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You won’t find ingredients in our drinks with long string of words and numbers you can’t pronounce.

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We only use real ingredients, from Nigerian Kola nuts and Chinese root ginger to Sicilian whole oranges and lemons.

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We love a treat as much as the next person, but you can have too much of a good thing. That’s why our soft drinks have up to a third less sugar than other fizzy drinks.

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